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Create your own professional and responsive blogging or news-magazines website and earn through advertising and affiliate marketing.We design professional news blog and magazines website for any individuals or online media company.

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Create a professional blog or news and magazines website

From the last decade professional blogging becomes the most popular online profession,  There are so many platforms specially created for blogging such as,, etc. There are also micro-blogging platforms like twitter and tumblr. But is the most popular blogging platform.  Most professional blogger becomes multi-millionaire just by blogging. Any individual can start blogging in their interest areas. There are so many ways to earn money online through blogging such as affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored post, Google ads etc. Anyone who wants to start their own professional blog or News or magazine websites but don’t know how to create a website or don’t know about website designing. Then we  SarvSaksham digital solutions are here to help you to start your own blog or news & magazine website. If you want to create your own blog or news & magazine website with us please contact us.

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Platform We Used

We create a websites built on WordPress content management system (CMS). The websites built on wordpress are easy to update. We design elegant and excellent website for your business. Once the ideas and expectations are discussed, we select the wordpress theme that match for your business. Then we customize the themes and its colours according to your needs and requirements.

Procedure We Follow

Why WordPress?

Most popular CMS in the world

More than 30% of the websites in the world are built on WordPress means it is most popular CMS in the world.  

Secure and Open Source

WordPress is secure & open source platform, so there is no cost of downloading, installing & upgrading. 

Highly Customizable CMS

WordPress has flexible framework so layout & themes can be easily modified & customize to meets the demand of users.

Lower Setup and Maintenance Cost

WordPress has lower setup and maintenance cost than any other open source CMS platform.  

More Than 3,500 Themes

There are thousands of themes from which users can choose the one align with their business demand & also customize easily.

Over 50,000 Plugins

WordPress has thousands of plugins to add more features and functionalities in the website.

Customer Centric Design

We design a customer centric business website to make the them buy the services or products. We help the businesses to boost the conversion and scale their customer base by making elegant and excellent website.

Mobile-Friendly Website

We ensure that your business website is highly responsive to the mobile user. It will help you to makes your business reach to your targeted mobile users and scale the business with J-curve.

Fully Secure Website

We install some security plugins and secure your website to protect your content & data. We also backup your website content and database with the theme and all plugins i.e. entire website. 

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Features Of
Blog or News Website

Feature Listing

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Professional Blog or News Website

In the current scenario of the world, no one can depend on their only one source of income. There must be a side income or passive income. There are various ways to generate passive income online. But blogging is a most popular & easiest way to earn passive income online. Anyone can start blogging in their interest areas by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience by writing post online on blogging website. People will get benefit from your ideas experiences and knowledge and they can also pay you monthly subscription fee if they like your knowledge & experience. You can also earn through affiliate marketing, advertising sponsored post, Google ads and all these are the passive income

Improve Writing Skills

The regular blogging can improve your writing Skills

Become Published Author

You can become published author having built in audience of readers.

Start New Business

You can start new business just by blogging. eg. Affiliate marketing business, Advertising business.

You will Receive Job Offers

You can receive job offers of content marketing in your blog niche.

Build Professional Network

You can build network of like minded people.

Become an Influencer

You can influence the people by sharing your ideas, knowledge and experience & make a difference.

Market Your Existing Business

You can market your existing business & get more clients.

You can sell Products or Services

You can sell your own or you can do marketing of others products or services.

How We Work On Project

Our Six-D process of project work.



We perform the business or personal analysis and discover the needs, identify the problems, discuss the expectations & goals to determine the solutions.   



We define the missions, objectives,  strategies, goals and tactics for clarity of business solutions.



After defining, we design the solutions for the business problems.



We develop our business solutions to fits the perfect needs and requirements of business expectations and goals.



We deploy solutions to the business and provide user training.



Finally, we deliver the solutions, find the new needs, and provide our best support.

Why Choose Us

SarvSaksham Digital Solutions provide amazing customer experience and quality work to the clients.

Safe & Secure

We provide trusted online digital solutions with safe and secure money transaction. 

24x7 Support

We provide 24×7 official email contact support and whatsapp chat and video call support.

Low Cost

We provide affordable website design solutions, so that client get best return of investment. 

Our Clients

Our satisfied clients who take the benefits of premium services

"Amazing Service and Quality Work!"

We approached to SarvSaksham for our college website, we got an amazing service and quality work. SarvSaksham understands our needs and provide us proper solution. we are so happy with SarvSaksham.
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SarvSaksham Digital Solutions provide the digital solutions to the businesses across all sectors.  We are helping the businesses to take them online and grow it 10x times.

By outsourcing your business website design project you can save your cost, speed up the development and quality of work. Also you can save your precious time so that you can focus on your core business functions.

First of all you should have your own business name to register a domain for your website. Then  you should  plan your website needs such as content or information and images of your business to get started. You need hosting for your website. Don’t worry we will help you to select the best hosting for you. For that you should contact us on our official email id [email protected] or go to contact us page write the queries. We will contact you as soon as possible.